There are several items we want to share. The first has to do with a very special date on the Owens’ calender . Patricia and I will be celebrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, August 22. Of these 50 years, 44 of them have been spent serving the Lord in ministry together. Over these 5 decades our lives have been profoundly enriched by many whom God has had cross our paths, those who not only talked the walk, but lived the life, setting a standard for us to strive toward; to press on…God has been so good.

There have been mountains we’ve been asked to climb/Some rivers have been wide, some skies been grey/The valleys have been deep and dark at times, but without fail, our God has led the way!

Second: The responses we continue to receive from readers of Manley Beasley’s biography are so encouraging. It is evident that the Lord is using Manley’s life and message to impact many, some saying that they are reading it for the second or third time, returning over and over again to study his messages on prayer, faith and dealing with adversity. The Audio Book is also now available.

Third: I am nearing the completion of the story of our friend, Iris Urrey Blue, the ex-con who was labeled an “incorrigible degenerate” by the Texas Department of Corrections. Since, at the age of 27, when she knelt down a tramp and stood up a lady, in front of her bar, The Inferno, in Houston, TX, God has used her for His glory around the world. Hers is an incredible story of grace. You may wish to check the Blue’s web site at

Fourth: During the days of his ministry, the Scotsman, James Alexander Stewart, impacted thousands of lives, including Manley Beasley. Dr. Stewart was a prolific writer and among the many books he wrote are two on the subject of the Holy Spirit that we wish to recommend; The Heavenly Executive and Heaven’s Throne Gift. The latter is considered by many to be one of the finest, most balanced studies of the Third Person of the Trinity. You may check into Dr. Stewart’s writings at or phone 800-252-8896 or write Revival Literature. P.O. Box 6068, Asheville, NC 2881.

A final thought: “Your character is what you really are. Your reputation is merely what people think you are.”