Looking down from the balcony of heaven the angels watched as the body of Jesus was lowered from the cross. They saw Him wrapped in grave clothes, and they watched the small procession slowly make its way to the borrowed tomb. They heard the sobs of those who loved Him, of those He loved so much. They saw Joseph of Arimathea help place the body in his own tomb, and they watched as a large stone was rolled across the entrance,. They saw Mary Magdalene, and the other Mary, sitting across from the tomb, weeping.

Hope was gone for the followers of Jesus.
They’d forgotten the things He had said.
Nothing left now but deep grief and questions.
No one thought He would rise from the dead.
They had helplessly watched their beloved
as He’d hung on the cross in such pain.
Though they wanted to, no one could help Him
as the crowd laughed and mocked Him to shame.

Satan tried at Christ’s birth, through King Herod,
to destroy Him by royal decree.
He had worked every scheme he could think of;
now at last he would claim victory.
All the demons of hell were rejoicing,
they just knew that they’d finally won,
for they now had accomplished their mission,
they’d succeeded in killing God’s Son.

It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming.
It’s Friday, but don’t you fear.
It’s Friday and the story’s not ended,
for on Friday Sunday is near!