To us, a child of royal birth,
Heir of the promises is given.
The Christmas Lamb appears on earth,
the Son of God, young Prince from heaven.
A Savior born in love supreme,
He comes our fallen souls to raise.
He comes, His people to redeem
with all the fullness of His grace.

In the fullness of time God stooped down to the earth,
In the fullness of time, a miraculous birth.
In the fullness of time when all things were in place,
In the fullness of time man would look on God’s face.

All the plans of the ages, from eternity past
In the womb of a virgin culminated at last.
From the throne-room of heaven to no room in the Inn,
From the splendors of glory to a world lost in sin,
In the fullness of time. In the fullness of time.

In the fullness of time God poured Himself into human flesh and blood and visited the earth as a man. He walked among us, a King in disguise, the Creator among His creatures. He entered the world through a doorway called Bethlehem, and the world was forever changed.