When Christ was born, He had no room,
There was no room for Him inside the Inn.
And when He died, He had no tomb,
So in a borrowed tomb they buried Him.

And even when He lived
He had no place to call His own,
For though He lived on earth,
this world would never be His home.
This time He came as servant,
not to rule and reign.
This time He came to die for us,
that’s why the Savior came.

BUT, even as we look back to the FIRST ADVENT, when God’s Son came into our world on a nondescript night, in a small town, in an obscure cattle shelter where no one would have thought to look for Him, let us also look forward with great anticipation to our Savior’s SECOND ADVENT.

For when He comes again, that’s going to be a different day,
When every knee shall have to bow, and every tongue will say
That He is Lord! That He is Lord!
They’ll all confess, both creatures great and small;
They’ll all bow down and crown Him LORD OF ALL!

Even so, come Lord Jesus.