As our Savior inched His way through the streets of Jerusalem, blood streaming down His face, thorns piercing His head, His cross pressing into His lacerated back, the face of God, which Moses had not been able to look at and live, could no longer even be recognized as human. Every prophecy about His suffering was now being fulfilled. One of His own had betrayed Him with a kiss. His sheep had scattered when their enemies tortured Him. The strongest among His disciples had denied Him three times. As a lamb being led to the slaughter He climbed Golgotha’s hill toward His death.

On a Judean hill the sun shines.
The morning breaks so still, the sun shines.
Some people kneel to pray along the Temple way,
while others stop to say,
“It’s such a lovely day;
The sun shines.”

But on another hill, the SON dies.
All heaven and earth stand still, the SON dies.
This is not just a day when children laugh and play
along the Temple way where people stop to say:
“It’s such a lovely day.” The SON dies!

This is man’s darkest hour, when all of Satan’s power
Has rallied for the kill
upon a lonely hill.
The SON dies!
The SON dies!

Weep, yes weep, but don’t despair,
For the reason He hangs there
is because He loves you, all because He loves you.

Greater love has no man known
than the love of God’s own Son.
Oh, how much He loves you. Jesus really loves you.