This morning our pastor, Stephen Lowrie, preached a message titled, “The Face of Encouragement,” using the Acts’ accounts of Barnabas, “son of encouragement,”
as the scripture’s example of a life given to encouraging others. He ended by suggesting that God can use the simplest of things to encourage someone, something as simple as a smile. This reminded me of the following poem I wrote a while back. Be an encourager. It works!

I gave away a smile today—it didn’t cost a thing,
And though it only was a smile it helped somebody sing.
I could have kept it to myself as I have often done,
Forgetting that such little things as smiles can help someone.

I gave away some time today to do a simple deed,
And though it really wasn’t much it helped someone in need.
I could have used the time for me and failed to pass the test,
Forgetting that it’s as we give that we ourselves are blessed.

A smile, some time, a bit of care,
A little love left here and there,
A word of hope to calm a fear,
A tender touch, a listening ear,
In daylight, night or early morn
The love of Jesus is reborn.

God spare me from self-centeredness,
help me to center in on You.
Save me from self-promotion too.
Teach me to seek another’s good,
the needs of others help me see.
From selfishness, Lord, set me free.