As we’re going through files and boxes of past activities, wondering what we should keep, what should be thrown away, while reflecting on God’s goodness over the years, I’m finding myself looking back as far as my teenage years, both in Canada and Switzerland, wondering, hoping that, if I were young again, and could see life through the lens of an old man who has lived long, who has already walked those trails, and who has learned a few things along the way, that I would, well, I hope that

If I were young again I’d be more ready
To lend a helping hand to those in need.
I’d think less of myself and more of others,
I’d try to give more often, than receive.

I’d start each day rejoicing in God’s goodness;
I’d seek for wisdom more than wealth or fame.
There are some things that I have learned to treasure
That I would do, if I were young again.

I’d walk a little slower up the mountain;
I’d stop and listen to the flowing stream.
I’d take more time to watch the cattle grazing,
And yes, I once again would dare to dream.

I’d look across the valley stretched below me,
And in the crystal silence raise a prayer.
I’d thank the Lord for giving me that moment;
I’d cherish just the thought of being there.

I’d spend more time enjoying children playing;
I’d try to understand more about love.
I’d take more time to study God’s creation,
The beauty of the starry sky above.

I’d look a little longer at the sunset,
I’d cherish more the early morning hours.
I’d join in on the song the birds were singing.
And I would walk more slowly past the flowers.

If I were young again…