(A Puritan’s Prayer)

Every perfection adorns thy nature and sustains thy throne.
The heavens and earth are thine, the world is thine and its fullness.
Thy power created the universe from nothing; thy wisdom has managed all its multiple concerns, presiding over nations, families and individuals.
Thy goodness is boundless; all creatures wait on thee, are supplied by thee, are satisfied in thee.
How precious are the thoughts of thy mercy and grace!
How excellent thy loving-kindness that draws men to thee.

Teach us to place our happiness in thee, the blessed God, never seeking life among the dead things of earth, or asking for that which satisfies the deluded; but may we prize the light of thy smile, implore the joy of thy salvation, find our heaven in thee.

We confess our transgressions, have mercy on us.
We are weary, give us rest.
We are ignorant, make us wise unto salvation.
We are helpless, let thy strength be made perfect in our weakness.
We are poor and needy, bless us with Christ’s unsearchable riches.
We are perplexed and tempted, let us travel on unchecked, undismayed, knowing that thou hast said: “I WILL NEVER LEAVE THEE OR FORSAKE THEE!
Blessed be thy name!