“Great THEOLOGY, married to great HYMNOLOGY, rises to God in great DOXOLOGY.” –Stephen F. Olford

The one fundamental reason why the living God wants His people to assemble in worship is for them to ascribe to Him the worth and value that are His, and to present themselves to Him as “living sacrifices,” individually, and as a body.

When we truly worship, we acknowledge that all power, dominion, control, authority and supremacy belong to the One who sits on the throne. We worship the One who lives forever and ever. We acknowledge His absolute authority over space and time. We worship the One for whom a thousand years are as a day. We acknowledge that there was a time when we were not, but that there never was a time when He was not!

In Revelation 4, the apostle John was witness to the highest worship there ever will be, as redeemed humanity removes from its head every sign of achievement and lays it at the feet of the Lamb seated on the throne. In removing and relinquishing their crowns they renounce the right to rule their own lives and turn that right over to another.

My rights? Whose rights?
God has bought me outright,
I am no longer my own.
My rights? Whose rights?
God has bought me outright
That through me His glory might be known.
I belong to God!