Joseph, whom God chose to be His Son’s earthly father played a most important role in God’s incredible plan. Yet very little is said about him other than he was a just, righteous, protective, courageous and obedient man, doing exactly what he was told to do on each of the four occasions he was visited by an angel, as we read in the first 3 chapters of Matthew.

1: In Matt. 1:24 tells him the name he was to give this child); 2: In Matt 2:13,14 An angel warned him to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt); 3: In Matt. 2:19, 20 an angel tells him he can return to Israel; 4: Then in Matt. 3:22,23 Joseph is again warned in a dream to not settle in Judea that leads to his traveling on to the region of Galilee and the town of Nazareth thus fulfilling the prophecy that Jesus would be called a Nazarene.

Trusting God, Joseph followed through on “everything” he was asked to do. He was OBEDIENT. Yet, the Bible doesn’t record anything Joseph said. I’ve often wondered how he might have explained that first angelic visit when he was told that Mary, to whom he was engaged, was going to have a child by the Holy Spirit. Might it have been something like this? Though not rhymed and set to music. Imagine with me.

It’s hard to understand what’s happening,
How can I tell you what I’ve heard.
The plans that I had made are through now,
I know this whole thing seems absurd.

I’ve been visited by an angel,
Last night he came and spoke to me.
I’ve been visited by an angel,
It does seem strange I will agree.

He told me Mary has been chosen
To be the mother of God’s Son.
She’s been visited by an angel,
She’s going to bear the Promised One.

He said, “You are to name Him Jesus,
For He will save us from our sin.”
He said: “You are to name Him Jesus,
There’ll be no greater One than Him.”

I’ve been visited by an angel,
I still don’t know quite what to say.
He is the One for whom we’ve waited,
I only know I must obey.

If there ever was a word that would define who Joseph was in relation to God’s plan of redemption don’t you think that it would be, OBEDIENT. “I’VE BEEN VISITED BY AN ANGEL. I only know I must obey.